Specialists of the History and Cultural Monuments Preservation Department of the Ministry of Culture, Historical and Cultural Reserves-Museums and Historic Environment Protection Service and Historical and Cultural Heritage Scientific Research Center made a regular tour of a number of monuments.

During the visit, the technical characteristics and requirements of the tender for the acquisition of scientific project documents for the repair, fixing and improvement of the territory of the tomb of the Armenian kings of Aghdz were discussed and specified. The Ministry of Education and Culture will announce the tender for the project in the coming days. The question of recognizing the area adjacent to Aghdzq historical and cultural reserve as a priority interest of the public and connecting it to the territory of the reserve was also discussed.

The next stop was in the Ohanavan area, Kasakhi Gorge, where a resident discovered a medieval rock-hewn tomb during earthworks on his property. The incident was recorded by the Aragatsotn regional service of the "Historical-Cultural Reserve-Museums and Historical Environment Protection Service" SNOC and the work was stopped. The necessity of handing over the archaeological objects discovered during the works to the state and urgent excavations was discussed. In the near future, the newly discovered monument will be certified and will also receive the status of a newly discovered monument. 

The specialists also toured the territories of the 10-15th century "Serkevil" village, St. Grigor Lusavorich Church, wall and Cyclopean fortress.