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Private tour to Dilijan (Goshavank, Parz (Crystal) Lake, Haghartsin)

It is said that if there were forests, mountains and mineral springs in Paradise, the Paradise would be similar to Dilijan “Armenian Switzerland”. During this tour we will visit the Monastery Goshavank which became one of the most famous religious and scholarly centers in medieval Armenia in the 12th-13th centuries, led by one of Armenia's most accomplished scholars, legal experts and scientists, Mkhitar Gosh (Mkhitar from Gosh, 1130–1213). The monastery was renamed Goshavank upon his death. The  monastery was built between 1188 and the late 13th century.

Our next destination is Parz (Clear, Crystal) lake. It is 1400 m above the sea level and is surrounded by thick forests. It is a wonderful place for those who like to enjoy peace and silence.

In  the end of the tour we will visit Monastery complex  Haghartsin ('Dance of the Eagles’), which is situated in 13 km northeast of Dilijan. It was built between the 10th and 13th centuries and has three churches: one named for Gregory the Illuminator; another for the Virgin Mary (Surp Astvatsatsin); and the third for St Stephen (Stepanos). There are stunning khachkars, a sundial on the wall of St Gregory, a ruined gavit and a refectory with stunning arched ceiling.


Duration: 8-9 hrs

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